We have a team of highly experienced and skilled installation engineers in installation work, whether the project is a small or large project in space, they accomplish their tasks with the same degree of efficiency and proficiency, and the installation work is carried out under strict supervision by the company’s engineers.
The installation is usually done in three different ways, depending on the nature of the work site and the buildings surrounding the three-dimensional metal structures.

  • To be installed in the final installation location using movable metal scaffolding and temporary anchor columns where the components of the three-dimensional metal structures are raised to the installation level.
  • That the entire metal structures are installed on the ground next to the place where the structure is to be installed, and then the entire structures are lifted by the cranes of the final installation place.
  • To install parts of the three-dimensional metal structures on the ground and raise them to the level of the final site for installation on parts and assembled in the final site.

After completion of the installation work, the company’s engineers visit and inspect the installed 3D metal structures and prepare the final report for the handover of the works.

We also have a professional team in the installation of all types of coverings, including the Standing Seam implemented in the King Abdulaziz International Airport project, as well as in the installation of iron sheets, single aluminum, sandwich panels and lexan.
All of our installation teams are trained to install scaffolding.
All installation teams are trained in occupational safety and industrial safety instructions.
A large number of installations were previously completed with distinguished clients such as: Aramco, Ma’aden, the Ministry of Education, the Electricity Company, some embassies, as well as the Civil Aviation Authority.

Where is use the Space Frame

Security Gates & Borders
Sports Halls
Pedestrian Bridges
Petrol & Gas Stations
Schools, Universities & Mosques
Private and Governmental Clubs
Shopping Malls
Factories and warehouses
Hotels, Hospitals & Commercial Buildings Entrances
Metro Railway Stations
Storage Facilities for Coal & Cement
cars parkings