design services

The company meets all the requirements of the architectural and structural designs for each project with the support of the engineering department, which has been provided with all modern design equipment, advanced international programs, and technical staff in addition to the engineering program that was developed internally to meet the needs of the structural and manufacturing design, which follows the American international standards such as ANSI, AUSI/ASCE, UBC in addition to other European standards.
The engineering department also prepares all plans that contain general plans and executive designs. Finally, it calculates the quantities, which in turn provide the sales department with the cost of each project separately.
In addition to the engineering office preparing all the manufacturing details and the shop drawings for the manufacturing work, our team also has the ability to work in full coordination with all departments and make every effort to facilitate all requirements of the project as well as coordinate with all relevant departments of the clients to respond For any inquiries related to the design and respond to inquiries.



Where is use the Space Frame

Security Gates & Borders
Sports Halls
Pedestrian Bridges
Petrol & Gas Stations
Schools, Universities & Mosques
Private and Governmental Clubs
Shopping Malls
Factories and warehouses
Hotels, Hospitals & Commercial Buildings Entrances
Metro Railway Stations
Storage Facilities for Coal & Cement
cars parkings