manufacturing services

The three-dimensional metal structures are manufactured according to the American Standards (ASTM), British (BS) and German (DIN) and when all the manufacturing details are completed in the engineering department. It is sent to the production department in the factory to manufacture the entire members of the three-dimensional metal structures, whether tubular members with their entire components, steel balls, or accessories complementary to the structure.
The entire members can be manufactured, whether of black iron or galvanized iron according to the specifications of each project separately, and then the manufactured members are transferred to the Protection and Painting Department, where all metal members are treated with chemicals before commencing the thermal paint work, and the steel balls are sent to the liquid paint department as well. Pillars and columns, if any, are also engraved with special numbers on each member and component of three-dimensional metal structures. These numbers are used during installation work.
The Quality Department checks the components and prepares the entire components of each project in several stages during manufacturing. It also checks the final product before sending it to the Packaging and Shipping Department to ensure that the manufactured materials conform to the standard specifications produced by the factory.

Where is use the Space Frame

Security Gates & Borders
Sports Halls
Pedestrian Bridges
Petrol & Gas Stations
Schools, Universities & Mosques
Private and Governmental Clubs
Shopping Malls
Factories and warehouses
Hotels, Hospitals & Commercial Buildings Entrances
Metro Railway Stations
Storage Facilities for Coal & Cement
cars parkings