Project management

Our company’s work team is qualified at the highest level to fully participate in all aspects of the project, and our work team has the ability to work in full coordination with all departments and make every effort to facilitate all project requirements


Why are use the Space Frame
1.Light weight steel and portable easy during fabrication & erection
2.Covering large span with minimum support aid in load sharing with maximum precision.
3.Magnificent architectural designs
4.Elegant and Economical
5. Save Fabrication and Erection time

Where is use the Space Frame

Security Gates & Borders
Sports Halls
Pedestrian Bridges
Petrol & Gas Stations
Schools, Universities & Mosques
Private and Governmental Clubs
Shopping Malls
Factories and warehouses
Hotels, Hospitals & Commercial Buildings Entrances
Metro Railway Stations
Storage Facilities for Coal & Cement
cars parkings